April 12, 2013 - art/affiliate update


Whoa, I think this is my biggest update yet! Since there's a bunch of art, I'm just going to skip the little descriptions. Couple OUAT's, Doctor Who, Beauty and the Beast, Bates Motel (!) and Celebrity walls. Hope you enjoy!

Once Upon A Time

Beauty and the Beast

Doctor Who

Bates Motel



I am so excited to welcome Jay @ Holiday From Real to the Untouched Treasures Affiliates family! Jay's work is absolutely stunning and has a wealth of goodies you should all check out.

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March 2, 2013 - art/affiliate/site update


Okay, so I didn't get another update in before winter holiday ended, but I'm back with more art. Hope you all have been having a lovely 2013 so far! Enjoy!

Laufeyson - In my absence, I discovered Tom Hiddleston. For those of you who aren't familiar, he was Loki in the Avengers & Thor. I just want to warn you that you will be seeing much more of Mr. Hiddleston on this site, because I am utterly and irrevocably obsessed with this man. This is a look at Loki and his painful discoveries about his past.

The King - This is a new mini series I discovered called The Hollow Crown that is an adaptation of the Shakespearian triad: Richard III, Henry IV, and Henry V, starring--you guessed it--Tom Hiddleston as Prince Hal/Henry V. If you are a lover of Shakespeare, or even if you aren't, I can't recommend this series highly enough. This wall is a look at the persona of Henry V and his journey from an immature prince to one of the greatest Kings of England.

Un Bon Coeur - Also from The Hollow Crown. This wall is a look at the scene where Henry V woos Catherine of Valois/where Tom Hiddleston charms every single fangirl across the globe.


I cannot even begin to explain how absolutely honored I am to be Britt's SOTM for February 2013. To have such a fantastic and respected artist recognize me and award me a SOTM is seriously a dream come true. A HUGE thank you to Britt for the stunning award and her kind words. It makes all the work I put into my art and this site completely worth it. Thank you!


I am very excited to welcome Kate @ Night Life and Kahlan @ Confessor Graphics to the Untouched Treasures family! Be sure to check out their lovely work.

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December 18, 2012 - art update

Another update! Hopefully I can squeeze one more in before holiday is over. Enjoy!

Rise Up - As soon as I saw Gwen step into the Cauldron of Arianrhod, this wallpaper was already half planned out. I just couldn't resist. Lancelot and Gwen finding each other at last.

You - A look at the relationship between Molly + Sherlock, as Sherlock's life is coming to an end. I fiddled with this art for days, and I still don't think I got it completely right, but here it is.

Brainy - Sherlock's first encounter with the enchanting Irene Adler. You could say she was "dressed for the occassion." Brainy is the new sexy after all.

Broken - Poor, poor Helena. A look at how her heart has been twisted beyong repair.

Forgiven - I loved this really, really meaningful scene between Oliver Queen's best friend, Tommy, and his little sister, Thea Queen. Thea crosses a line with Tommy, but Tommy is quick to forgive. Their relationship has been so much more meaningful that Tommy's relationship with Laurel, I feel.

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November 21, 2012 - art/affiliate/site update

Why hello there! Please excuse my 3 month absence. I can make all the usual excuses of college, a job, and life in general, but at the root of my hiatus was just a lack of good 'ol inspiration. But with the fall season comes new seasons of my favorite shows (Merlin! Once Upon a Time!) and the discovery of some new ones (Arrow! Sherlock!). So I promise, more art is on the way!
I also thought I just needed a fresh start in general with a new layout, featuring the devilishly handsome Colin O'Donaghue as the rogue Captain Hook. Hope you enjoy!

Hook - What is it with hot men prancing around dressed as pirates with an abundance of eyeliner? Yum.

Queen - A look at Guinevere as the new Queen of Camelot.

Oliver Queen - I caught on to Arrow thinking it was a modern spin on the legends of Robin Hood (it kind of is), and not knowing about the actual superhero The Green Arrow. So glad I made the discovery!

I am so incredibly honored to welcome Elle @ Staring @ The Sun to my affiliates. The discovery of her amazing art was really what got me started in the fanart world. I owe so much of my learning to her as an artist, and am continually astounded by her work. Please pay her a visit!

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